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The Two-to-One Ankle Rockboard

The Two-to-One Ankle Rockboard

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In the US alone, 23,000 people sprain their ankle each day, resulting in 1.6 million doctor office visits annually.


Because the typical foot tilts in twice as far as it tilts out, to be effective, an ankle rock board should tilt with a two-to-one movement ratio. The Two-to-One Ankle Rockboard is designed to place your foot in the position of a future sprain and then force you to use your muscles to pull yourself out of the risky position.


The Two-to-One Ankle Rockboard is made of a high density rubber, which  provides a slight flexibility to the rockboard so that it bends during use, providing resistance to enhance it's effectiveness. We recommend wearing sneakers while using this product.

  • You’ll immediately feel that it more effectively exercises the muscles of your lower leg (particularly with the advanced drill) and works to maintain a full range of ankle motion.

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