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Triple Stick BFR Strap Set

Triple Stick BFR Strap Set

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The unique strap that allows you to build muscle and increase aerobic fitness while performing light-resistance exercises. Perfect for accelerating recovery following muscle strains and ideal for managing kneecap tracking disorders. PRICE IS FOR TWO STRAPS.

Our newly redesigned soft but sturdy 44" x 4" strap has three strong Velcro strips that hold it firmly in place and make it easy for the user to adjust the tension accordingly. The Triple Stick Strap is perfect for:

BLOOD FLOW RESTRICTION TRAINING. Build muscle mass and increase aerobic strength while performing light resistance exercises.

MANAGING MUSCLE STRAINS. Use the Triple Stick Strap for managing muscle strains, especially adductor and hamstring strains.

REDUCING KNEE PAIN. The Triple Stick Strap is helpful for managing kneecap disorders.

Read the article by Dr. Michaud on the benefits of using the Triple Stick Strap.

Read the instructions on how to use the Triple Stick Strap.

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